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Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
I can honestly say I have no idea. I believe very little, but as Fbodfather says, "I don't remember seeing him in any of our meetings" so that is only a pure 100% opinion.

Beaten to death. TT V6 = LS3 on it's best day. And weight of 3 more camshafts, Turbo and intercooler make up for much of the weight reduction. Look at the Ford Truck engine. It's just barely an LS3 if at all. It just gets FE.........................wait new rumor. Z28 for 28 mpgs.

BTW, what is this? It looks purrrrrrty in red.
there are plenty of people with GT-Rs that would walk all over you and your LS3 with their TT V6 so I'm not sure where you are getting your info from....

and what does the ford truck engine have to do with it? its a truck engine not a sports car engine.

all i'm trying to say is there are many other options out there besides the LS7 for a potential Z28 model and I hope that GM considers all the options.
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