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Originally Posted by Edge.128 View Post
there are plenty of people with GT-Rs that would walk all over you and your LS3 with their TT V6 so I'm not sure where you are getting your info from....

and what does the ford truck engine have to do with it? its a truck engine not a sports car engine.

all i'm trying to say is there are many other options out there besides the LS7 for a potential Z28 model and I hope that GM considers all the options.
So are you saying this Z28 should now cost $90,000 or are you saying it should be AWD.

That "truck engine" is a critical comparison. Displacement and turbo equals a certain HP range. You can use the Taurus Sho/Truck engine as a good baseline for what you can expect in a reasonably priced car.

And you do know the LS3 is for all intents and purposes, also in a truck?

Realistically, you can hear V6 TT and think 530 HP GTR all you want.............................just make sure you add some $$$ to got with it.
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