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Z28 Appearance Preferences

Well my friends, while we are still in the days of speculation and anticipation over the possibility of a Z28, there have been many great discussions and friendly debates over our performance preferences for this potential Camaro model.

I wanted to add a topic that we could discuss that wouldn't overlap too much with those informed threads. This one will be solely about appearance preferences. I don't think the subject has been touched on to any great length yet, often being overshadowed by potential performance set-ups.

So my question is this: What would your ideal Z28 5th gen look like from a purely aesthetic stylistic perspective?

Would you want things like heritage grill with the Z28 emblem offset to the lower right hand corner? What about a spoiler unique to the Z28 similar to the aftermarket one that invokes a 2nd gen look to the rear end? Perhaps you'd be interested in a different front facia or hood? I'm interested in hearing what you all come up with on this topic.
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