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Originally Posted by SGOS252382 View Post
Many will throw the warranty out the window on their ZL1. Some guys can't leave anything stock. Just look at the GT500. I frequently see GT500s in the shop getting modded.
That can also be said for the Z06 Vette, etc. Guy just love to make their cars faster even if they come with 550hp from the factory.

People will also still purchase SS's and put superchargers on them. Sometimes it's easier to spend 35K on an SS. Then when you have the money spend another 10K on a supercharger, etc.
Some guys just don't have $55k from the get go.

It can also be a lot harder to convince the wife that you need a $55K Camaro.

But for the people that can afford it, getting a ZL1 will be the way to go.
Exactly. And, lot's of people like the cusomization aspect of getting a ride and "selecting" the parts they want vs accepting what's given, and in many cases you're not limited.
The dissappointment I had in the SS, was actually a positive experience that opened up a whole new world for me in performance enhancements. My SS, is now specifically designed to my specifications. And, continuing to test, tune and improve on it on a regular basis.
For those of you planning on getting a ZL1 congratulations, 550hp. is kind of lame at this point in the game. I had that with just a med. size CAM, and headers on an SS. I wonder how that's going to change the price tag though. Any word on that front?
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