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Originally Posted by calbert1999 View Post
For those of you planning on getting a ZL1 congratulations, 550hp. is kind of lame at this point in the game. I had that with just a med. size CAM, and headers on an SS.
I would not characterize 550 hp (and reading between the lines from what Al O. stated, the ZL1 will have more than 550 hp) from the factory, and with full warranty, as "kind of lame." I would characterize it as damn impressive, especially for a mass produced vehicle.

In history of mass produced automobiles how many of those vehicles have been produced from the factory with more than 550 certified SAE NET horsepower? And how many of those vehicles that had more than 550 horsepower have actually been affordable for the average car buyer?

One of the very impressive attributes of the ZL1, in my opinion, is that, in today's environment, it will offer incredible performance at a price that individuals such as myself, who aren't in the top 0.5 percent of income earners, can afford.

I wouldn't think of criticizing those who purchase SS's and modify them to their heart's content to achieve the personalized vehicle of their desires. I think that's great. However, I don't think that those who are going to purchase a ZL1 will be wasting their money, or are totally clueless because they didn't decide to buy an SS and modify it so it will outperform a stock ZL1.

I could have purchased a 1969 L78 375 horsepower SS (it was rated at 85 more horsepower than the Z28), but I chose to purchase a 1969 Z28 because I loved the balance it offered between handling and straight line performance (and I still love to listen to the idle of the 30-30 cam today just as much as I did on the day I took delivery). Did you characterize the 290 hp first generation Z28s as lame? And if so, do you still characterize the first generation 290 hp Z28s as lame?

Also, even if I had been aware of the 9560 COPO Camaros, which I wasn't at the time, I could not have afforded to purchase one (at $7200 in 1969).

I believe that the 2012 ZL1 will once again, for me, provide the proper trade off between handling, straight line performance, and cost.
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