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Originally Posted by CapnHowie View Post
Hello all,

Does anyone have a picture of one of these things with the black vent inserts installed?

I have a CG convertible with factory ground effects. I ordered the factory black stripes which you couldn't even see. I spent money and had gloss black rally stripes painted on but they are just so-so. I am looking for the car to "pop" without being tick-tacky but so far I keep spending money and all I have is an Academy Gray Fleetwood Brougham.

Im thinking maybe the vent inserts would help or do they not show up either? Maybe I should go with the chrome inserts and have the wheels chromed? The people who sell this stuff always have a story to tell and then after you spend 100s or 1000s of dollars want to sell you something else. If someone had pictures it would be great.


I don't mean to be a wise ass, but why did you get CGM if you want the car to "pop?" Red, yellow. or orange pop. CGM is more of a stealth color.

Anyway, I wanted to add a little color to my CGM, so I did that with blue brake calipers. But, mostly I've gone with very subtle things. I prefer the classy stealth look of CGM.

I put gloss black hood spears on mine too. I thought it added a little more look of depth to the hood.
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