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Originally Posted by LoneCynic View Post
I like where you're headed with that, Pill, but I'd really hate to see the ride height lowered that much plus a lower chin as your concept shows. My LS rides low enough to the road as it is. You have to be extra aware of curb heights and driveway bumps and such as it is. I've parked within inches of messing up my facia a few times, and I actually backed far enough into a parking space once that I have a slight scratch on one of my rear mufflers.

I understand that a Z28 might have a slightly lower suspension height, but I'd hate to add anything that made it even more tricky to maneuver around uneven surfaces.

I'd really like the heritage grill to be standard on the Z28. I like the stock grill well enough on my LS, but I would prefer something else to be the norm for the Z28.
I know the ride height is really low but I was going for pure bred racing function before anything else but I know exactly what you mean. The grill was designed for maximum airflow and the Leno heat extractors to relieve hood lift, I went with racing function there too... I got the front splitter idea from previous Z28's..

I think my concept fits right in there with these other Z28's.... don't you?
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