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6/6/11 Installed my VMAX ported throttle body today. Biggest waste of money. I felt no difference and all the dynos I have see show no power gains. I will also never buy anything from Janetty racing I had to wait 8 weeks on something they said would take 2-4 weeks and when i tried to cancel my order half way in they wanted to charge me $71 even though they had done nothing but charge my credit card.
Cost of today's mods $171.70
Vmax ported TB $171.70

6/13/11 Swapped out my Nitto NT05R 315/40 18 drag radials for my Falken Azenis 295/40 18 street tires so I wouldn't wear the drag radials out. The Nittos have a tread wear of 00 and the Falken have a tread wear of 200. I also ordered another set of 18x11 Forgestar F14s for my drag radials.
Cost of today's mods $ 600.16
Falken Azenis RT-615 295/40 18 $575.16
swapping tires $25
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