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Dyed stitching of black sport cloth seats

ok, so after see the thread on dying the stiching on the interior, I had to try it. I spent $6 for 3 fine tip fabric dye pens at Hobby Lobby

I used one for the back seat & shifter boot, & one for each front seat...none ran out, but I wanted fresh tips...I did my best to stay on the stitching & keep off the cloth...I would do about 6" then blot with a dry cotton cloth (old sock)...DO NOT RUB, it can smear the dye into the cloth around the is a pic of the back seat with half done

and here are pics of the finished product

& here is a close up can see a little bit of dye on the black, but from more than about a foot away, it's impossible to see

all told, it took me about 2 hours to do it all

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