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Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post
cool. cant wait to hear from him.
Tom said the black monoblade is bitchin'. It is a fly by wire unit. He can get me one for an upcharge if I want it. Said it is good for a few extra hp. Was trying to keep my cost from creeping. He has used monoblades on some of his other builds.

As far as the wastegates, he said that he has them at less than 90 degrees on many cars, but for this case it makes the dump tubes really short for a clean (and quiet) install. Also he said that on this combo, there is no boost creep since these are 44mm Tial wastegates which is overkill for 60mm turbos. He said the 90 degrees is a factor with wastegates that may be sized too small.

Thanks for you info Spike.
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