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Originally Posted by Oxtar41 View Post
I have about 22 grand wrapped up in snap-on tools alone. Not including my box which was upwards of 10 grand, now I wrench for a living and can tell you craftsman are ok for garage use and basic stuff but when you do it for a living you only want to smash your hands on stuff so many times when the tool breaks.

I have never ever broken a snap on wrench or socket, when i first started I had a few craftsman tools and everyone of them are broken. Plus the snap-on truck comes right to the shop and takes care of any broken things. I have broken one 3/8 snap on ratchet in my time of wrenching and I put my tools through some abuse.

But for the average guy who does his own oil changes in the garage a minor maintenance at home you cant go wrong with craftsman, but if your whole job s wrenching then you want the best. Hell my 1/2 inch drive electronic torque wrench was 600 alone. BUT its the only torque wrench on the market that meets aviation certification because its so accurate and when rebuilding engines I want the best to do the job right the first time. You dont make any money on comebacks!
If I were a professional mechanic I'd likely have Snap-On tools. Although, I've done a fair bit of "wrenching" on race cars and Jeeps with Craftman tools and never broke one by hand. In fact I recently installed a set of gears in my Camaro and used a Craftsman breaker bar with a cheater pipe to set the pinion load (crush sleeves, hate em!). It was bending but didn't break!

I have broken Craftman sockets usiong them with an impact wrench, but that doesn't count.

I don't think Craftsman hand tools are made in China, but their power tools are. Thank unions and ever increasing government regulations (e.g., EPA) for the mass exodus of manufacturing to China.
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