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Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Tom said the black monoblade is bitchin'. It is a fly by wire unit. He can get me one for an upcharge if I want it. Said it is good for a few extra hp. Was trying to keep my cost from creeping. He has used monoblades on some of his other builds.

As far as the wastegates, he said that he has them at less than 90 degrees on many cars, but for this case it makes the dump tubes really short for a clean (and quiet) install. Also he said that on this combo, there is no boost creep since these are 44mm Tial wastegates which is overkill for 60mm turbos. He said the 90 degrees is a factor with wastegates that may be sized too small.

Thanks for you info Spike.

the monoblade I posted was just a random one from AS&M, but if he can integrate it, thats cool. i prefer not using fly by wire t/b. just me.
but they aren't always cheap either. lol

and its not really just the size of the wastegate that is the problem. having the tubing run at less than 90* forces the exhaust to have to essentially do a U-turn to go back to the wastegate which could diminish the actual capability of the wastegate and lead to overboosting. he says there is no boost creep, and I'll take his word that there isnt. but a 44mm wastegate at a 60* angle wont necessarily flow as well as a 38mm at a 120* angle. the size might be overkill, but the flow might not be. now, with the size of the piping and wastegate, it might not be a problem. but as I said in an earlier post, if im going to spend $20k on a motor, I would definately change a few things.
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