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Magnaflow Custom Cat-Back install vids n pix

After waiting nearly 5 months for an exhaust system I liked, and one failed attempt, I finally have something that WORKS! (But of course, not withou some tweaking)

I started with Flowmaster which didn't fit, went to Borla which were too quiet and ended with Magnaflow, which are (almost) just right.

Of course, par for the course with me, it couldn't be easy- Magnaflow released a Cat-Back, Competition series convertible kit in June... however, the GM "Performance Package" AKA- ground effects, system is still a work in progress, with a tentitive release in 4-6 weeks... which is what they told me... another 4-6 weeks ago!

That being the case, I turned to my friends and TCC5 sponsors- Extreme Performance in Palm City. After putting poor Adam in the poor house for a week, we settled on a price installed, and they were off to custom fit the Magnaflow NON-GFX convertible comp, cat-back to my car.

3.5 hours later, a few cuts, some welds and a little creativity, and here it is!

From what I can tell, the biggest "difference" was merely the tips... obviously the mamoth 5" Magnaflow tips wouldn't fit in the gfx bezels ,so they had to cut the stock tips and weld them on. Looks as good as can be for the peramiters they had to work with, and as always, Extreeme did a top-notch job.

Now granted- those of you who've read my earlier exhaust posts, know the sound I was looking for. Magnaflow didn't quite's a higher pitch than what I'd hoped, and quiet at idle. However it does "scream" at you at WOT (and I say scream as opposed to growl, because it's a higher tone than I'd hoped.) Overall, 110% improvement over stock, no drone, almost no sound whatsoever in cabin and a nice little roar during acceleration. You definitely know it's there, and the car is much more "ominous"... but not as deep as I'd hoped... yet... (headers to follow...)

"Before" video- STOCK exhaust with K&N Typhoon CAI

"After" video- MAGNAFLOW Competition Convertible Cat-Back, w/ K&N Typhoon CAI
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