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5th Gen Gets Magnacharged 554RWHP

Jerry has been rolling with his stock 5th Gen for about a year now but decided it was time to make the trip to MTI Racing for some upgrades.

Jerry's Camaro is now a Fire Breathing Monster with 554HP at the tire, that is 651HP at the crank and is a 205hp gain over stock. This Monster Camaro also has 528LBS of torque at the rear tire. I think Jerry will be needing some new tires shortly. Check the list of goods below.

Magnacharger TVS2300 Camaro Supercharger
MTI Racing Stage 2 Camshaft and valvetrain Upgrade
Camaro Long Tube Headers, high-flow cats, x-pipe
Katech C5R Z chain
LS7 Bowtie Damper
MTI Racing plug wires
DMH exhaust cutouts, low profile
MTI Racing Lowering Springs and Swaybar combination for Camaro
Aluminum Catch can/ vent tank
Low Temp Thermostat 100228
MTI Racing tuning

Baseline 349hp
After mods 554hp
Thatís an increase of 205hp at the rear tires!! BAM!!

Jerry and his son with their 554RWHP Camaro.

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