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Vengeance has my car for the cam install. :D

Ok. They have discovered the surge/miss in my car and it turned out to be the felt gaskets leaking in one spot.

BUT. Since the leak got worse in the end and I thought it was a lifter tic. (video below) I decided to just let Vengeance do it. When I dicovered it was not a bad lifter, I figured, what the hell, they already have it, they are one of the best, so cam me up.

I'll have the numbers when they are done with it. I'm expecting 1200 rwhp but will settle for mid 500s give or take.

Anyway, congrats to me. And Ron? No laughing at my 'DONK' wheels.....

Oh, and Bonnie.................... I owe you.

AAAAnd. We are gonna try and guess the final peak RWHP.

BLACK10 ......... 510
CamaroKid300 .. 518
PQ .................. 525
bi11ymc .......... 532
GTAHVIT ......... 535
mlee ............... 547
Dr Jkel............. 548
GtSmoke ......... 550
hypurone ......... 552
Jessika ........... 559
SSE 4 2SS......... 561
Darth_Emma .... 562
thesnoopster ... 563
Scott............... 565
Garcmol .......... 580

AND WE HAVE LOPE !!!!!!!!!

Got some results.

521/521 rwhp/tq with the 3.2 pulley
558/557 rwhp/tq with the 2.8 pulley

Ok. Got home a bit earlier. it was a good day.

The moment I got home I got out and took a quick post trip exhaust video.

So as soon as I got there Ron tossed me the keys and me and my son James went for a ride.

It was allright.

So we get back to the shop and I go in to talk to Ron..............

Ok, for real.

It's been used quite often. "It was a totaly different car." Well, when I did my blower, I never used that typical saying. After the blower it was the same car just a lot faster.

OMFG.................. This is a totaly different car.

It's INSTANT torque. It shoots off before I touch the gas. And there is a whiplash effect. I'm really glad I didn't do the stall. The torque is instant. It is pulling HARD right from the lowest RPMs. No waiting on torque. This car is just Fing MEAN. Throttle response is instant. The only reason I can see to get a bigger stall would be out of necessity of a bigger cam. But this is perfect to me. It really does feel like it's a totaly new designed car from what I had two weeks ago.

Where did my Camaro go?

Couple things I noticed. After driving the Jeep for a few weeks, and drivng Bonnies car up to Atlanta, I got in my car and backed it out. My first thought was, WOW, the 5th Gen Camaro really is a fat pig. Felt like a tank. I had forgotten how heavy these things are.

BUT, accelerating, it felt light as hell all of a sudden. I've always said that Bonnies car FEELS faster but of cours mine was faster. Didn't matter. Fact is hers always felt a lot faster do to the light weight. NOT ANY MORE. It is so cool. And I only have the 3.2 pulley on there. I still have 30/30 in the trunk.

Also, the instant and incredible torque makes the car act different too. I could be a drift champion.

Ron took me for a ride in a blown Z06 Vette that was pretty damn impressive.

All in all. though I spent 11 hours driving in a 13 hour day, it was a good good day.

I have come a LONG way since the 'Slow L99' moniker.

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