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OP, great job on getting the car back on the road after your misfortune.

Cars looks great!!!!!

Originally Posted by 2010 L99 View Post
Good work. Looking good. Shame you didn't have someone setup your own engine replacement fund setup for you like they did for Hugger. You'd have the money for the headers and intake and a bunch left over. You need to start getting into those cliques around here so you'll be set for next time . Maybe they should start a Camaro5 engine replacement fund for everyone here. Members could build whatever they wanted, however they wanted, and when the motor blows simply draw from the fund
Just for the record, I never asked for the funds.....I happened to be at a large Camaro event when the engine let loose. This event is full of some really outstanding people that were willing to help a fellow owner out when he needed it most.

I'm blessed to know the people I do....from Kelly's above and beyond to help me get the car home, to others throwing some money together to help me get the car back on the road sooner than later. That's what this community is all about.

Now back to this build thread!
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