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I installed the washer bottle, scoop, and heritage grill today. If I may offer a few bits of advice to those putting on the washer bottle.

1) Mount the fill tube piece INSIDE your intake. If you mount it outside the intake box, there is no easy way to route the fill tube to the washer bottle because the bottle is directly below the intake. Here is where I put it:

We put the fill tube inside the intake in front of the filter. We had to be careful where we mounted it so that the bolts and nuts wouldn't touch the air conditioner lines outside the air box. So we took the intake box out of the car, drilled the holes, and mounted the fill tube with the bolt heads toward the AC lines and the nuts inside the air box. That way, the bolts didn't touch the AC lines.

2) As it says in the instructions, mount the bottle as far back on the scoop as you can like I did in this picture. If it had been any further forward, then it would hit the DRL light recess on the front bumper.

3) You don't really have to cut the little nub off the pump. It would fit in the washer bottle recess just fine with the nub on.

Thanks to Apex for a great kit! It work perfectly.

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