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Originally Posted by Zabo View Post
...So you're gonna dump it before the axle?

You can kiss the Sweet Thunder goodbye, since there isn't much room down there to even shove anything more than a true dual kit without forcing the car to bottom out on a speed bump.

Oh, and did they ever mention how much weight a true dual system adds to the car should you choose to race it? When all is said and done the thing will weigh as much as a 5th gen and not be any faster (than a 5th gen).

This looks like it's dumped to me?? With Sweet Thunder Mufflers.... I've read that most don't have to worry about the clearance, some say it's good and some say bad... So idk.. And I'm not worried about racing right now(can't even legally drive by myself) I'm not looking to be faster than a 5th gen..

Once I actually get things done to it, to make it worthy for the track then I will race it...

I was thinking it over today.. I might try an ORY first.. And see how I like the sound...

Thanks for the info Zabo!
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