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No problem, took the liberty of snapping pics to see just how much 'room' there is with just a stocker exhaust in place. Not much..

Stock Y Pipe..

This was an almost impossible shot to get: Muffler inlet, Axle 'over bend', Right side outlet'

Wider shot of the rear axle trying to show everything stuffed in

IMO, Pacesetters LTs, No Cat (Took me until recently to finally come to grips with running no cats), Texas Speed Y pipe, and SLP LM with a custom 'expansion chamber' aka 'LM1 Muffler'. Well, that or a GMMG in place of the SLP LM.

Cheap and it has a good sound. Though if you can pony up for some ORY, by all means do so. Dunno your budget so
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