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Originally Posted by LS1-Z28 View Post
Yeah I noticed that on mine where it is flattened. I'm not paying $3-400 for cats lol. I'm just gonna run none. I'll probably need to get a tune huh? I don't have to worry about emissions down here haha

Alright. But the TSP says it only fits their headers or Pacesetter. Is there a way to hook it up to the stock manifolds? Cause I don't want to buy one then throw it out for another one...
Depends on which one you were looking at, the ORY or the Catted Y pipe that they make. Neither are going to mate, but I swear I've seen some that do (mostly for sound and not perf. add ons). Though that latter one I'm not sure mates up with Pacesetter LT or Shortie headers (though eyeballing makes it appear to match the dimensions of the OR version meaning LTs with cats).

But if you wanted 'em.. guess you gotta cough up something like 200 and change over the Off road version. Granted to tune for a Catted Y pipe or high flows seems easier and probably cheaper by recalibrating less stuff through the ECU/PCM using captain obvious logic.

However I've got about as much to learn on the subject so as I research I'm tossing this stuff your way to help. Been tossing it around really ever since I decided to pull my stocker after seeing that flattened section and going 'the f'k?' when changing the oil on the bird for the first time.

Then seeing the entire gobbledy gook mess that is a 4th gen exhaust and researching the rationale for it.

Needless to say, could be worse.

Oh, and the TS Dual systems are dumped. Think they dump just forward of the axle under the rear seat pans. Thing is that would put a 3" pipe even more in line with smacking a bump rather than being tucked up in the trans tunnel with the torque arm and driveshaft.

Ya learn quickly that ground clearance is a bitch when going with suspension and exhaust mods. The low, corvette like stance is a blessing and a hindrance. Hell my stock suspension even puts my car at odds with my driveway curb on a daily basis. Nosedives/assdives every time. Though the former is much worse and my suspension is perfectly fine for 11 years old.

Price to be paid, but no use crying over factory spilled milk.
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