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Originally Posted by Inferno LS3 View Post
So I bought a set of AAC side markers at C5F2. One got water in it and it was mess up.

So I was B!tch!ng on another thread about my dissatisfied about thier product. Well I got a PM for someone at AAC and they were very professional about it and sent me out a brand new set. Not a cent out of my pocket and I got the new ones with some revised silicone.

Well I was trying to figure out how water got in the original one and the side marker was about 1/3 full of water but none would drain out of any sides. Then I noticed the plug on the back was a bit loose and I gave it a twist and bam all the water came out.
So I noticed on the new ones there isn't any additional sealant to this plug, well IMO should be sealed, because I'll never change out anything. So I hope this doesn't void my warranty, but I added silicone to the outside to help seal the plug.

I hope this helps as I don't want to go through this again and maybe this helps some other AAC side markers customers.
Wow Thanks Buddie I got a updated marker also. I didn't have time to install it yet so I will DEFINATLEY too this before I plug her in
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