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Originally Posted by acscamarochick06 View Post
I still don't see a bad angle though... I don't think there CAN be a bad angle taken with this car lol
I agree. I don't see it so much as a 'bad angle' as it being fuzzy, bad lighting, etc. As he stated, the bras in the front and rear still trick the eye, despite no cow spots on the body. And the fact that it doesn't have a final paint job.

This picture hasn't changed my opinion on the car one bit. It's still going to be a beautiful vehicle. (Ok, so I said I'd change the side mirrors, but I can have that done aftermarket if I really want. LOL)

MOST of the reactions I've read have been positive, or took into account the fact that it's not a good pic.

I love it. Nicely done thus far.

Now just deliver mine in Silver on Christmas Eve night with a big red bow on top to my driveway please.
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