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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
I'm lovin the inverted Mohawk on the roof. If that was the only body line on the car, it would set it apart from all the other cars on the road. I see 30% of the aggresiveness of the car spouting from that single feature. And I am unbelievably happy that it has been kept up to this stage. Too many cars nowadays, (cough) Mustang, Challenger (cough):p have bland, smooth, roofs.
I agree, too many car manufacturers underestimate the importance of the roof of the car. Granted, very few of us will be flying around in helicopters looking down on the Camaro, but it's not like these cars are ten feet tall either. The roof of any car is visible from a standing position, and the Camaro's sloping roof will be visible even from a sitting positing.

The inverted Mohawk on the Camaro is one of my favorite features, but it's just one of the many things that make this car the object of so many dreams.
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