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Originally Posted by REDXIIIDave View Post
Did they change the thickness/profile any, or did they just re-cover a stock wheel? I would love one of those, but the stock rim profile is really messed up. I would like the cross section to be round, instead of the weird flattened oval shape.
It feels like the wheel is stock, just with different materials. The leather might add 1-2 mils but I don't feel any difference.

Originally Posted by TripleB View Post
how did you get the SS on there? it's not there in one picture, then it is in the next.

very nice looking wheel. matches your car perfectly!
I had to use a steak knife and just made a small incision and pushed the pin back in. It's not 100% set in there, but it's in there enough. I'll be getting some glue and using a clamp or something to get it to fit like it did on the factory wheel.

Originally Posted by cyberLS View Post
cool what you doing with your stock leather wheel
Sending it back to DSV.
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