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Don't worry -- I won't blacklist you!

You are correct in that leaks get most of you very excited ...(and I'm LOVING some of the comments.....)

The real problem is that when something leaks that we have no control over, the picture is invariably a bad one..........(think of the Silver leaked photos in December of 2005....) You will recall that the Silver picture was of a 'clown-suited' car -- where each side was styled differently.........we actually had some people say "....Duuuuuuuuuude! I don't want a car where the front bumper doesn't match!!!"...........and thus, as we see with this picture -- some are jumping to conclusions that the car has gotten bigger or fatter or has been made to be much milder........ It's simply a very bad shot!'re safe from the black Suburbans -- and while I'm upset that someone leaked this particular photo -- I'm elated that so many of you are so pumped!
Thanks, this is what I wanted to hear....THANKS!
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