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Phase 3 sound system build

My Phase 2 setup did not sit right with me. I had a problem with losing the front channels off and on. I was not sure if it was the amp overheating or a loose connections.

To figure it out, it had to come apart. But if I was going to take everything apart I figured I might as well try the Infinity 4 + 1 Amp and dump my dual amp setup.

So I picked up one of these cute little amps and set about redoing my build.

After every thing was back apart I found what I was looking for, two loose connections! Now I can see why the two front channels drifted in and out.

The Infinity amp was much smaller and lighter than either Discus Amp. While I was at it, I trimmed the amp platform I built to make it easier to install the sub box.

I set everything in place and tested the amp. It sounded great! Better than with the separate amps. It sounded so good I ripped out the separate sub knob I installed under the dash. My Kicker 10 inch sub did not hit quite as hard but the sound was much improved. The front and rear speaker also kicked up the sound a notch with the new amp.

I put everything back together and was able to rid my SS of more than 25 pounds! (Pounds that I added.) The perfect thing for my track day coming up.

I did not touch the settings so my blinkers will wake the dead and the gain is up a bit too high with background white noise. I will get to that maybe tomorrow.

Anyone need a side amp board and two Discus Amps?
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