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Wow. DC, try caffeine free for a while. This is a theoretical conversation, not a build log. Voice your opinions, but no need for sarcasm.

Now, to calmly respond :

1. we both agreed on this. Dense charge = more power.

2. But then you disagree about more air? A dense charge, by definition, is a larger amount of air within the same volume of space. As far as the lean part, I know the ECU compensates for AFR, but that's after it has time to register the change. Realize you have to inject the Methanol AFTER the MAF, so I'm not sure how that affects the calculation. So, The extra oxygen is there by definition. It's the lean part I was talking about, because I'm not sure if that might happen or not. And rich is generally safer than lean.

3. I should have clarified better. My bad. I live in Texas. Right now, we have lows of 80 at night and highs between 95 and 105. So heat soak is a VERY common problem. Higher intake temps mean less dense air and lower timing and less power. This is also the LLT V6, which has a knock sensor that adjusts timing based on octane and other factors not available to the LS3 or L99. So yes, cooler charge means more power automatically on the LLT, and especialliy in the temps I have. Of course, yes, a tune would increase that more. But it's not required.

4. Normal atmospheric pressure is still pressurized. Only a vacuum is NOT pressurized. So, it is correct to say methanol is lower pressure than Nitrous. Picky, picky. My point was that a liquid that is pumped is lower pressure than a gas that is sprayed. So we were technically saying the same thing. Anyway, the point (which I did mangle a bit) is that you cannot drive around town with your nitrous tank open and the system activated. However, the methanol system can be turned on 100% of the time every single time you start the car. It is activated similar to Nitrous, so it's not SPRAYING 100% of the time, but it would be available all day, every day, on each and every trip you take.

Now, as far as my comment about the Nitro booster. I just tossed it in for conversation, as I said originally. I wasn't saying we should all run out a get it. Just mentioned it in case someone knew about it from experience. I personally think it's too expensive to be worth the risk. But that doesn't mean we can't talk about it.

Now, as for your LAST comment, See this thread:

It does add power. And most CAI or exhausts run $400+ and gain between 5 to 20 HP. So how is this pointless or ridiculous? This was just a conversation about the idea. Besides, this is a conversation about the V6, which has a higher compression than your V8 and a different ECU. So why stop by to be negative and sarcastic? If you don't think it'll work, expound on that as a contributor to a discussion, not a sarcastic commentator.

So, peace? And please add any thoughts you have. we can all be polite and respectul adults even if we disagree.
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