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I think the most practical would be to get w/grahm for a small shot of nitrous....available on demand and not expensive. A bottle only used when needed will last quite a while before needing a refill, and there are refill staions in most comunities for around $3 or so a pound. The chiller can be adapted to a NA or FI application, but it is really designed right now for FI.

What your xperiancing (mispelled on purpose) is the negative effects of a high DA (density altitude) and ALL fuel injected/computer controlled (and carbed depending on jetting) motors will loose power as the ehat & humidity rises. Humidity (grams of water in a measured amount of air) has to be burned in the combustion chamber and hot air holds less oxygen so you have 2 things working against optimin power.

You can live w/it or my suggestion is a well designed dry kit from Graham for when you "feel the need".

A good ported throttle body will improve the off idle throttle response and a CNC pattern cut VMax will add power as well. It's an inexpensive mod and that may make you happy as well.

Hope this helpped!
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