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Originally Posted by bmorecam View Post
Me and vince over at trifecta basically worked on the same principal with e85 as you would with methanol.. they are both fuel with higher octane level. The main benefit would be to kill detonation or prevent it all together. If you was to do something like this than I would say to go with e85 as it can be alot more efficient if your local area has it at the pump. The benefit on our n/a v6 camaro with stock internal is around 7.5% to the rear wheels at peak over gasoline and this is after maxing out MBT and even tuning out VVT cam phasing to take complete advantage of e85's high octane, but the greater benefit is full torque@3k rpm and off peak power/torque which is alot higher. We worked out some more bugs since my last dyno so I think we should be able to see a little more power/torque on my next dyno session.

Where meth/e85 really shine is with turbo induced enignes. Ask those turbo guys running e85/meth if they will ever go back to gas and they will probably laugh at you lol. The gain is tremendous.
Not enough E85 stations close to me, and with this being a DD and rush hour traffic putting me at 15 MPG already, I don't want to drop down even more.

But I have been following your thread closely and it was part of why this hairbrained scheme popped into my head the other day. I'm hoping to see some of your benefits, but still staying on readily available gas. If E85 ever becomes readily available around my house, I may really crunch the numbers to see how the lower cost per gallon versus the lower gas mileage works out and see if it's worth it.

What is your current MPG with this latest tune? (When your not testing the acceleration.)

Originally Posted by TiE2000 View Post
1st, I'm loving this thread and it's been subscribed!
2nd, A little off topic as I don't own a Camaro, but I have an 06 SS/SC Cobalt, tuned by Vince at Trifecta. I just purchased a Methanol kit and i'm planning on installing next weekend when my new Header and Downpipe arrive from ZZP. Now my question is directed this:

I was under the impression that you could not run both e85 and meth together, so I only purchased 60# injectors for my LSJ (supercharged 4banger) as apposed to 80# wich are required to run e85 on my motor. Now, before I go ahead an sell my 60's and get 80's what are the draw backs for running a e85/meth combo if any. My Car is my DD so reliability is a must for me.
I'm a newbie on this, but since the Meth/water solution would be injected separately, wouldn't the 60# still be fine? Methanol is a fuel, so it doesn't need more gas, and the extra air from the cooled intake temp wouldn't be that drastic. My guess is that unless the 60# are just barely adequate now, simply adding a meth/water injection system wouldn't force you to change them out. But that's just my guess, coming from a armchair QB, not an experienced engine builder. I'd trust SC2150 over me on this any day.
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