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What's going on, bro. Good to have you here. Personally, I've never really been that much of a Ford guy (NOT BASHING!). But, there are two bodystyle's of Mustangs that really get me. First, my favorite mustang of all time is the 93 Cobra. :eek: My old roommate had one (right after he got his 93 5.0 HO stolen from my apt complex...ouch ). That was a helluva ride. My second favorite is what you have right there. I'll have to admit that even though I've never really been that much of a Ford guy, those two Mustangs have really gotten my attention. They did a good job on their latest rendition. You've got a sweet lookin 'Stang there. Love the front end, too. It looks mean as all hell.

Again, welcome to the site!

And nice pix, too.
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