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Originally Posted by mickandkimmie View Post
Kimmie sadly hangs her head ....jealous and wishing that she lived in Northern California....:(:(:(
Well, it's only what, a 6-7 hour drive right?

Originally Posted by Mindz View Post
His car is half carbon fiber. Hardly any yellow left, unless you could the doors and the missing spots where his sidemarkers USED to go.
Lol well... *Opens up Adobe After Effects*

Originally Posted by Redemption View Post
I'm in, sounds like fun!

Added to the list; and I think that's our initial 10!

Again, more are welcome, and I'll try fit everyone in! So how is the weekend of the 30th/31st working for everyone? Either day, perhaps in the morning? And does anyone have any better locations in mind? I'm all ears.
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