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Originally Posted by Nezacant View Post
...this is the strangest complaint I've heard about the camaro. I've sat in one and didn't feel as if the rear view mirror is so large that would cause me to hit another car. Anyone else feel as if there is a huge blind spot because of the rear view mirror?
I'm with you, I have heard several visibility complaints in here about the Camaro. Fixed the "blind spot" one, about the side mirrors, by getting those little round convex mirrors (would never have a car without them).

But this thing about the rearview mirror is just something that I don't get at all. I don't know if maybe the SS Camaro's have a different mirror depending on the package they have, but I have a 1LT and I adjusted my seat all the way down, as far as it could go, and the last thing the mirror is to in the way.

I did think it was cool though that they showed how to turn it upside down.
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