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Cool Spotted HTR-SS 454 LSX Camaro by DeNooyer-Redline in NY yesterday...

Featured on Camaro5 Homepage

Power output for the SS454 is 575 BHP and the 454R is rated at 635 BHP.

Package Profile: The HTR-SS 454 is the street brawler! With the big cubic inches,this motor unleashes all its fury down low in the rpm range. You want to be heard? This is the car! Its chest pounding idle speaks for itself.

Package Includes:
GMPP LSX 454 “From the General Motors Performance Parts Division in Detroit”
FAST 102mm High Flow Intake Manifold
1 7/8” LT Headers with high flow cats and 3″ mid section
ATI/Redline Crank Balancer
Powder Coated Valve Covers with Coil Relocation
MBRP Stainless Steel Mufflers
Solid Subframe and Differential Bushings
Trailing Arms
160 degree high flow stat
Embroidered Headrests
MGW Short Throw Shifter
Engine Management Calibration
Custom HTR stripping package
Authentification vin plate
Certificate of authenticity with build serial number
Warranty Coverage of 2 year from delivery or 24K miles

* There's even an "R" Package (HTR-SS454R) which includes:
• CNC Ported Cylinder Heads
• LSXr 102mm intake manifold
• Custom “T-R” camshaft by Redline Motorsports
• 3.73 rear gears
• 1000 HP axles
• 2” primary headers

there rare limited numbers offical chevy licenced and warrented you dont have to wait and ruffly the same price as a ZL1 maybe alittle more but yeah

and i drove by a dealership saw something that caught my eye (i was not driveing my canaro shes fine long story) so this is what i found....

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More pics/video of HTR-SS 454 LSX:

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