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Originally Posted by rray200 View Post
I've heard that the new RWD Impala will definitely be unveiled at the '07 show.

But I read on another message board that there will be two things Camaro unveiled at this autoshow. A convertible is a possibility. What is the other?
Originally Posted by Moose View Post
As far as anything "Camaro related", maybe the 'vert, but anything else 'Camaro', I think GM will hold onto that a while yet. What you read on message boards, re; "two things Camaro", some of it is just speculation.
HEY!!! :eek: Moose?!?! This wasn't speculation. This was straight from the horses mouth! I also heard the Impala would be there along w/ a few other new GM rides. Personally, I wasn't paying too much attention to those topics. I was recording everything in my brain Camaro that night.

Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
I would NOT rule out the possibility of seeing this vehicle on showroom floors in 4th quarter 08. As far as this ^ news, this is GREAT! You know what this means, right? This means we will be seeing spy shots of the Camaro shorty in the near future. I was told we would be seeing two things Camaro at the Jan 07 Detroit Auto Show. I was not told "what". I was just told "two things Camaro". Who knows, maybe we'll see something like a convertible and maybe it'll be a "finished" product. Jan is just around the corner!!
I'm not getting on you Moose. You know I'm playin.

As far as what those two things were, I couldn't get the info. Just "two things Camaro". It could be a vert w/ an old 67/8/9 vert to go along side it. It could be a proposed production model of a vert and a coupe. I really have no clue...just two things Camaro.
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