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A review of Big Worm Motorsports (Ft Worth) [Updated]

Big Worm Motorsports web page

I was one of the first in my area with a 2010 Camaro, then I started noticing others pop up. So I added rally stripes to make mine stand out, then everyone else added them. :(

So I wanted to change up my stripes when tax refund came in. Skipping that long story, I got the refund a couple of weeks ago. I ordered hood spears and lower body accents from Rider Graphix but still needed some help on the install.

At the last Laps for Charity, I head the name "Big Worm" a few times and saw some of their work, so I sent them a PM last week and arranged to head over today to have my rally's removed and the new ones added.

The hood spears/accents that I ordered from Rider Graphix ended up being too thin once they were taped up in location, so I'll have to see about sending those back. But the work and stripes provided at Big Worm look great in my opinion, which is all that really matters. They didn't have the lower body accents yet, but hopefully will in the future. I did volunteer to guinea pig my Camaro for when they start work on the lower accents.

On a scale of 1-10, I'd rate it at about a 9/10 overall.

The wait wasn't long. Through pm's, I was expecting about 2-3 hours or so but the whole process took just under an hour. It helped that my rally's were a decent quality so they came off pretty easy without leaving much if any residue.

The price was good. It came out a bit more than I was expecting, but considering that I didn't have the accents put on while I added rear spears and gill inserts, I have no issue with it.

The location is the only drawback to Big Worm. It's a bit off the beaten path per say, especially coming from the far side of Dallas. Though I may just be angry at google sending me to south Fort Worth (they're located north of Fort Worth!).

The waiting room was pretty good too. Plenty of magazines and photo albums of previous work to look through. And an affectionate Elvis too!

The work was top notch. The spears/rear spears looked level and uniform with each other. There were no bubbles, rips, tears or anything to be seen anywhere. No left over residue from the previous stripes either.

Communication was outstanding. All pm's were replied to in a relatively quick manner. I say that because I work nights so all of my pm's were sent late at night while all the replies were received not long after Big Worm opened for the day. While there, there was a constant communication between us. I was kept up on how the ordered stripes were too thin, differences in various packages and shown different configurations via photos of previous customers. I didn't get an update on completion time, most likely since it was a quick process and didn't need one. When the car was done, I was like "seriously? already!".

I'd definitely add myself to everyone else's recommendation of Big Worm. Can't wait for them to get the lower accents ready!

Before and after pics :
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