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In line with what everyone else has said here.

The other point we'd like to emphasise is "the answer".

We went through this with Hood stripes, headlights, and ABL. We understand that until GM or Scott give us that answer as to why it is the way it is, (the panic de jour as he calls them) the conversation/speculation will continue. But, once we have the answer we need to let that conversation die. Not to say that we need to agree with it but just accept it. The after-answer arm chair quarterbacking is as much of a huge contributor to the ongoing flame session as disrespectful posts are. No one likes to be second guessed. We all make the best decisions at the time. The fact that those decisions have been shared with us is a huge gift from GM. My take is we should be thankful for the insight. Again you don't have to always agree and we are more than willing to let you discuss it. But, once the conversation is exhausted, it's time to move on.

And like Killer said, we all, admins and mods, are getting sick of it.

Thanks very much, everyone, for hearing us out.

Please stand by, for a message from Scott later today.

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