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I agree with the interior criticisms, its growing on me, but every time I get in my buddy's SRT8 Challenger I grumble about my interior.
If GM radically changes the interior, Ill be pissed and happy at the same time!

Ive driven lots of different kinds of cars and trucks, and its hard to give an objective review of each one. Each car I have driven had really cool, and really bad aspects about them, the best, in my opinion was a 911 GTRS2. The Porsche costs over twice what the camaro, but I liked everything about the car except for its exterior looks. The camaro looks 100 times better...but its like comparing apples to grapefruit...there just isn't a comparison. So taking it down a notch, my friends SRT8 challenger...I liked everything about the challenger, but it wasn't a drop top. My other friends Saleen Mustang....I didn't like it at all. The interior was a little better, but just didn't care for it.

Im a Camaro guy, Ive had 6 different Camaros in my life, now I have 2...Im slightly biased when it comes to the name, but I still call a spade a spade when it comes to design, and engineering. I hold GM to the fire on crappy designs!!
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