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Originally Posted by jackiea View Post
Well, interesting article. Everytime I get in my '11 IOM Camaro Vert I smile, people give me thumbs up and heads turn. Who cares what these guys think! This car is awesome!

By the way is a Chevy not a Ferrari and there are some of us who prefer a Chevy!
jackiea, so true! I had to give a "tour" of my IOM vert to six guys who stopped to admire it outside of Harbor Freight Tools last night. So there has to be something there in its looks, design, reputation, nostalgia, etc. I think flopjack says it best too about its "soul".

Originally Posted by flopjack View Post
I don't contend that the car is without flaw - there are a lot of flaws in the Camaro. Writers seem to forget a few critical things. In the world of sports cars, it's cheap, but many cars that cost ten times as much have just as many flaws. What makes the Camaro special is its roughness - the character that it exhibits. The lack of refinement combined with livability for the streets really gives it a personality, and that is the difference between a good car and a great one. Its got to have a soul!!!
Great observation, flopjack! It's got it, and that's what most reviewers just don't seem to get.

Originally Posted by woodj View Post
I don't think the reviews were bad at all. The people doing them seemed to enjoy the cars and I agree with many of their complaints. I especially feel like the reviewers who felt the SS convertible was more of a cruiser and less of a track car were right on the money. I also feel like the reviwers who preferred the automatic in the convertible were correct because of the "cruiser" feel to the car. The reviews seemed reasonable to me.
woodj, that's why this car was perfect for me. I wanted a cruiser, but with the feel of a manual trans. Oh, and my wife will only drive an automatic.
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