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Autoweek Chevrolet Camaro Review : V6 more than solid; V8 SS is a rush

After three years anticipating and two hours driving the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, there's not much to be disappointed about. And, yet, a thought lingers: The 426-horsepower, LS3-powered Camaro SS is hot, but the V6-powered LS (and LT) are crucial.

Consider Camaro's longtime, more successful competitor. Over four decades, Ford's Mustang has run 60 percent six-cylinder production and never less than 50 percent sixes at a given time. And so it must be with the new-generation Camaro. The V6-powered cars will keep the Camaro plant in Oshawa, Ontario, stoked, and they will give rise to a next-generation, high-performance SS model, whatever that car might turn out to be.

Or not.

By Chevrolet's admission, the new Camaro must do more than compete with so-called pony cars--a.k.a Ford's Mustang and Dodge's Challenger. It must reach past aging muscle car enthusiasts to thrive. Chevrolet insists it will do that by chasing buyers who might otherwise choose a Honda Civic Si, a Scion tC or even a Hyundai Genesis Coupe. But most of that work must be done by the Camaro LS and LT.

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