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The Camaro SS's combination of price, performance, and panache topples the existing muscle car order.

The Hemi-powered Challenger SRT8 is too heavy to keep pace and the face-lifted Mustang GT is trumped by Camaro's sophistication and speed.

Loyal Chevy fans who've waited six years for this day finally have the car that they deserve.

The new Camaro also has the breadth of character needed to draw defectors back from the import brink.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS
Test Data

xxxxxxxxx Manual Automatic
0-60 mph 4.8 sec 4.9 sec
0-100 mph 10.8 sec 11.1 sec
0-120 15.4 sec 16.3 sec
0-140 mph 21.7 sec 24.8 sec
0-150 mph 26.2 sec --
mile 13.3 sec @ 111 mph 13.4 sec @ 109 mph
30-70 mph passing 6.3 sec 6.2 sec
Peak g 0.63 g 0.69 g
70-0 mph 149 ft 153 ft
Peak g 1.12 1.1
L 0.94 g --
R 0.93 g --
Curb Weight 3859 lbs 3896 lbs
Distribution (percent f/r) 52.2/ 47.8 52.3/47.7
Speed in Gears
1st 52 mph 38 mph
2nd 76 mph 64 mph
3rd 110 mph 99 mph
4th 157 mph (limited) 131 mph
5th 157 mph (limited) 157 mph (limited)
6th 140 mph 140 mph

Tires: Pirelli P-Zero
Front size: 245/45 YR-20
Rear size: 275/40 YR-20

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