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The Camaro SS packs a few surprises, however. The engine is remarkably—and to some, disappointingly—quiet, at least from inside the cabin (based on the shell-shocked looks on the faces of people we blew by, it appears that it’s plenty loud on the outside). For high-speed cruising, this is a good thing, as there is no shred of that exhausting boominess that can add misery to long-haul muscle-car motoring. But at the same time, we found ourselves wanting a bit more of an audible reminder that we were driving something with 426 freakin’ horses under the hood. Even at full tilt, the engine didn’t seem to have the trumpet-like blat of the Challenger R/T’s 5.7-liter, let alone the NASCAR-worthy howl of the 6.1-liter in the SRT8.
Hmmmmm.maybe they should have a tube that pipes noise into the cabin from the engine compartment. What do you think?
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