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Originally Posted by bob vogel View Post
to the op on this one, great job all the way around. i'm really sorry you had to go through this kind of SH** but you have save others.
I tried to be resonable in this matter and I am giving them ONE more attempt to try and FIX these wheels. IMO they should have been right from the start.

Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post
it doesnt peel off as easily as their "paint onto chrome" does
How true this statement is, but it just isn't the chrome ones that the paint is falling off. I know Emma had to have hers refinished because of paint issues and hers were totally black. There is another member who had issues with his paint coming off and it turned into a big ordeal with Savini and he ended up just paying himself to have them re-finished because of all the drama.

Originally Posted by Stay Marine View Post
Funny Lori comments about paying for rims or a supercharger....and I'm tracking with you on a solid compromise. I watched some of the above drama unfold and decided to go with a more cost effective rim/tire combo (so I could still afford a blower!!).

Semper Fi!
I totally understand what you are saying and don't think I have thought about that. I too, like Randy, feel like a total idiot for buying these wheels. I paid 995.00 for each wheel ( 3980.00 total ) plus tires, tpms sensor etc... plus another 225.00 trying to get these things to balance to no avail. That is ALOT of money for a set of wheels.

Hell I put a 6" lift kit, 20" Gear Wheels with 35" Nitto Terra Grappler tires on my truck for less than these wheels. AND these wheels and MUD GRIP tires ride SMOOTH, NO vibration. Go figure......
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