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Originally Posted by Jchaluja View Post
check out Texas Speed or Jannetty racing...there are many others (can't remember)'ll need internal forged rotating assembly, good set of heads with valve springs....dual fuel pump and you're good to go...if you are doing the build, it is probably $2k-$3k for the internals + $1k for the pump....if not doing the build....about $6k-$7k not including labor to install the you'll need a bada$$'ll need axels and clutch as well; another couple of grand as well....

you can run low boost (5 psi) and it should be fine for a long time....stock!

ok, so what do you want to look for in a piston? crankshaft? rod? besides being forged..

and i'll be doing my own build by the way, otherwise wheres the fun in it? lol

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