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Originally Posted by GoldenBear View Post
That's another good point. At this stage in my life, with the rather limited amount of discretionary time that I have, I prefer to spend much less time wrenching than I did in the days when Led Zeppelin was touring. These days I'm more interested in enjoying driving, and the ZL1 will be the perfect vehicle to help me with that pursuit.
Yup. I'm getting more mature (slowly...), and I'm beginning to appreciate other things in life more. It's pretty plain to see my passion for CAMARO, however, I strive to strike a better balance now, moreso than only a few years ago. If I'm going to work on my car, I expect the payoff to be that much more. As time goes on, that expectation gets even more. Because of where I live (not far from you ), it's really hard to achieve those goals because of legal parts, which makes it that much more difficult. Because I'm not moving anytime soon, that's something I have to deal with, which means my love suffers a little. Having a car like ZL1 come along, which is so close to what I want, ultimately means that I can almost have my cake and eat it, too. I could drive it stock very happily from the way it looks to be coming. Anything I do above that will be relatively small and for the first time, I'm giving consideration to cosmetics almost as much as performance; that's never happened before, lol. Your last line is the most striking I've read in a while
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