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Originally Posted by Shurenuff View Post
I'm right there with ya.

The last game I bought was NBA2K11 because they had Jordan on the cover and a bunch of Jordan challenges in the game. I'm a huge Bulls fan so this was an insta-buy. I hadn't bought a basketball game in many years.

Now they include the only car on the planet that I couldn't resist purchasing a game with it in. I honestly would never consider if the ZL1 was absent.

I guess I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff
Thanks - I don't feel as bad now, LOL!

The only other game on my radar (car-related) is Forza Motorsport 4. I'll get that regardless of ZL1, but I feel like it's going to either come with it, or be a DLC later. As many DLC cars as they had from FM3, I have full confidence I'll be driving ZL1 sometime soon, even if it isn't real, LOL.

I just can't resist any media with ZL1 in it, LOL!
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