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Originally Posted by Z4me View Post
Thx for cool video about ZL1 in the video game. Damn if
I buy that my wife is really going to say I'm so obsessed
with the ZL1 that she call up some doctor and ask me
to go therapy once a week.
I already have to go my wifey identified the problem as of February 9th

Originally Posted by billyp93 View Post
am i the only one who does not like the stripe on the roof of the car?
I don't know about the only one, but I like it

Originally Posted by djsnoflake View Post
I wanted this game before I saw the ZL-1 stuff. If you guys are gonna get it just for the ZL-1, don't forget to pre order, or EA will probably microtransact you for 5 bucks to get it
I'll be ordering in a couple weeks I hope. I gotta' get that car, lol.

Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
Looks like its arcade style street racing
It seems like it, and I'm glad they're going back to it with this game. The graphics aren't that impressive to me though.

Originally Posted by Supercamaro64 View Post
thats awesome!! iv always wished there were more camaros in racing games, instead of all these rediculous exotic cars youve never heard of.
THANK YOU!!! I'm tired of playing games that brag about 1000 cars, and like half of them seem to be Twingos or some econobox I've never seen or heard of outside the BBC network. Give me some cars I've heard of. I have LOVED Forza for that reason. It looks like it's only getting better. Sorry to go a little off track there
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