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Originally Posted by MarkLS2 View Post
I think the camaro production car "unveiling" will sort of happen in the next few weeks when prototypes of the production car hit the roads, depending on how much camoflague is put on the car (is any camo really needed at this point.....!) We will be able to see what the production car will look like and what elements were changed...
I agreed with you and was typing that. Now, I'm having second thoughts. If they have the production version in Australia running the streets, why can't they have another for GM to show at NAIAS in Detroit? The only reason I can think of why they don't show it is this... You release the final version in Jan of 07...then show the transformers movie in July of 07. You still have two years before it is released? I don't know. That's some pretty bad promotional moves for GM. I see a lot of people losing interest and buying other brands. They have to be very smart with this. If they show the final version, they have to come out with it at the end of 07 (with Transformers keeping it alive halfway throughout the year).

Don't get me wrong. I have my hopes up too and think it IS possible that they show the final version. They will have some information...something....
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