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Originally Posted by Jagerday View Post
Just FYI...for those of you who did not know it. The university of Florida created love bugs. They were never supposed to get out of the lab but some escaped and now there is what I would call a "love bug epidemic" As a FSU grad i just thought I would share and hopefully create a few more UF haters out there. Every time you find yourself wanting to pull for the gators just remember all those little spots in your front bumper and root against them!

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. -- It’s that time of the year-- love bug season. Despite their name, few people really enjoy when love bugs pop up in May and September.

Despite urban myths, love bugs didn’t come about from a cloning experiment, they didn’t escape from a research facility, and they weren’t bio-engineered to attack mosquitoes.

Bug experts say the bugs hitched a ride on a ship heading from Central America to Texas in the mid 1920s. The invasion then continued around the Gulf of Mexico, since the heat and humidity is perfect for them.

By the 1940s, they had arrived in Florida.

Each female lays up to 350 eggs. Larvae feed on decaying plants, but adults really don’t serve a benefit.

“Their sole purpose in flying around -- mating and laying more eggs,” said Dr. Lance Osbourne with the University of Florida.

Love bugs can cause some damage. When their acid-filled bodies squash onto cars, they attract bacteria. The mix of the bacteria and acid can etch paint and ruin the finish.

Protecting Your Car
“The best thing to do is throw a hand wax on your car,” said Matt Snyder with Bill’s Car Wash.

The wax will help in removing the bugs with a soft sponge and soapy water.

“Don't use cooking spray on the front of your car, that just bakes the bugs into the front of your car,” said Snyder.
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