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Originally Posted by pyr0b0y View Post
Went to the drag strip this past weekend with a couple other camaros. Best of the night was a 12.559 w/ 2.206 60' and a .125 RT. Not very impressive for a S/C camaro but i rolled into it rather than launched the car off the line. Felt a lot better not breaking an axel. It was 90* and didnt have wheel hop. My last run I had HORRIBLE wheel hop and fishtailed all the way into 3rd. I def want to go to the dragstrip again and learn how to lauch. Only improvement from a 12.559!

Last word on the new build: Engine shipped out last week and should be arriving at the shop sometime this week. Turbo kit should be shipping out this week. I'll be going with an Exedy clutch, not sure of the specs but Luke said it'll withstand the power I want!

Fnially decided on a finish for the rims. I need to take pics of my car and will get them done in photoshop if i have time. I will be going with a brushed finish with a chrome lip. The front rims will have a slight concave with a deep concave in the back. Similiar to this design:
Nice! Can't wait to see how the new engine and turbos turn out. If you need help with the photoshop send me the pics and I'll see what I can do.
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