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So I Figured Out The V6 A6 Vibration Problum Jeff Read This Please

and everone else who has been complaining about the V6 A6 vibration at 45 mph ish ruffly around there

so last night i was driveing to work had it in D wanted to cruise to work then i noticed the vibration again from 43 to 45 so i did an exprement

i shifted from D to M cause i had a sneeky susption sence i drive so much in M and i hit the down shift button and BOOM i was driveing in 6th gear doing 45

now when i drive in M i normaly dont even touch 6th gear till i am at 50 the lowest or 55 on ave i cruise 45 to 55 in 5th gear so

i was right in D mode when the computer controls the shifting it shifts WAY to early into 6th and it causes heavy vibration so much so your rear veiw mirror rattles like a bass hit

my only guess for this problum is one of two things A it is programed to save you as much fuel as possible IE get to 6th as fast as possible i notice when your just cruiseing it shifts about 1,800 or below rpm as me in M i shift prefectly at 2,000 on ave or close to it

or B the computer codeing is screwed up and it feels it needs to shift into 6th so damn early eather way the computer should be recoded to shift at a higher speed then 45 it knocks it too low on the RPM and bogs to the point the car vibrates

my only way around this and the main reason i started to drive in M was to avoid this i knew something was worng i never guessed it was the computer shifting time programing ugh

anyhoo anyone else try this i got all shift points down from 1est to 6th IE 10mph shift to 2ed and so forth everone else try this tell me what you think

and Jeff hi if your reading this can you call your tech people asking them about changeing the codeing for the shift points? with out voiding anything to improve a more stable non vibrateing ride? is it possible?

thank you for your time Nightfall (i learn ever car i own to the T and all its flaws)

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